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Creativity, good humour, and calm confidence. My commitment to you is a thoughtfully crafted ceremony, true to your story and wishes. Weddings, civil unions, vow renewals, anniversary celebrations, naming ceremonies, and more.

"Many people are shocked to discover that training is not compulsory. Any ceremony is a significant event and clients deserve assurance that their chosen celebrant knows what they are doing. There is probably no other industry where anyone can offer their services to the public by just claiming to be sufficiently skilled. Students attracted to our training share the desire to be professional in their approach, and confident that they have the necessary knowledge and skills before they practise on the public. Many are surprised to discover the complexities that they hadn’t appreciated before their training." ~ The Celebrant School

Are you surprised to hear that training isn't compulsory for celebrants in Aotearoa? To me, this means my Certificate in Celebrant Studies doesn't just represent the 80 weekend hours I spent in class and the many further hours of study at home - it's a tangible recognition of my commitment to high quality service and industry best practice.

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